Quest for power

All the Other Sessions

Sent to find artifact.
Head in wrong direction.
Find little girl. She’s adorable.
Fight abominations and zombies.
We find Minos.
Collar holder has poor memory of our new task. We kill him.
Transported to another area.
I suplex a boar,
Grab magic items.
Chaos insures.
Enter portal.
Meek lifeform dies. Again
Loot town.
Girl summons dragons.
Fight dwarves.
Structures are always falling on me.
Fight dragon.
Squid-being dies. Again.

Human arrives.
Week later, arrive at human city.
Meet with fancy man.
Fight dragon.
Fire angel is irritable as ever.
Has harem now.
Another day, another dragon.
Climb mountain.
Fight dragon.
Fairy dies.
Find body for squid-being.
Fairy and Fire Angel rid city of king.
Fire angel becomes new king. City is doomed.

Gold dragon appears.
Go in portal and march back and forth.
Meet girl.
March towards elves
Fight elves
Meek-lifeform dies.
Meek-lifeform becomes a fish, crab, then a tree.
Suplex bear to silence Meek-lifeform.
Meek-lifeform becomes bear.
Meet a female hero.
lightning and puncher join her.
Band of hero were shadow constructs.
Back at town.
Fire angel sends me to the bottom. Regret decision.

ocean adventure
i feel a box on the ocean floor
i hear an echo
unearth a chest of gold
find a fissure and merfolk
merfolk point to fissure
merfolk say jump
fissure has tentacles
Dragon-Abomination finds me
merfolk assume fissure literal trial by fire
help merfolk unearth stone tablet
haul tablet a great distance
merfolk dance around tablet
Dragon-Abomination has sleeping spells
a long time passes
ocean floor quakes
Dragon-Abomination fears our safety
Retreat from the ocean.
fight goes terribly
i fall off cliff
back to town defeated
fight collar bearers
kill 5

Abomination uses strange orb.
We fight shadow creatures
Abomination fails and we’re displaced.
Find shack
Man with scythe threatens us
Man directs us to caves
Man lies. Stuck in a dull, wooden purgatory.
We fight scythe man. he dies.
Witch die apprenty out of our control
I suplex Bambi.
Went into town
Join cult.
City attacks cult
I defeated.

Lynched in public forum
Abomination fights tentacle
Leave city
Almost consumed by earth
Back in city
Fight guards
Loot city
Chaos gods clash
Sides with Chaos Titan



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