Quest for power

All the Other Sessions

Sent to find artifact.
Head in wrong direction.
Find little girl. She’s adorable.
Fight abominations and zombies.
We find Minos.
Collar holder has poor memory of our new task. We kill him.
Transported to another area.
I suplex a boar,
Grab magic items.
Chaos insures.
Enter portal.
Meek lifeform dies. Again
Loot town.
Girl summons dragons.
Fight dwarves.
Structures are always falling on me.
Fight dragon.
Squid-being dies. Again.

Human arrives.
Week later, arrive at human city.
Meet with fancy man.
Fight dragon.
Fire angel is irritable as ever.
Has harem now.
Another day, another dragon.
Climb mountain.
Fight dragon.
Fairy dies.
Find body for squid-being.
Fairy and Fire Angel rid city of king.
Fire angel becomes new king. City is doomed.

Gold dragon appears.
Go in portal and march back and forth.
Meet girl.
March towards elves
Fight elves
Meek-lifeform dies.
Meek-lifeform becomes a fish, crab, then a tree.
Suplex bear to silence Meek-lifeform.
Meek-lifeform becomes bear.
Meet a female hero.
lightning and puncher join her.
Band of hero were shadow constructs.
Back at town.
Fire angel sends me to the bottom. Regret decision.

ocean adventure
i feel a box on the ocean floor
i hear an echo
unearth a chest of gold
find a fissure and merfolk
merfolk point to fissure
merfolk say jump
fissure has tentacles
Dragon-Abomination finds me
merfolk assume fissure literal trial by fire
help merfolk unearth stone tablet
haul tablet a great distance
merfolk dance around tablet
Dragon-Abomination has sleeping spells
a long time passes
ocean floor quakes
Dragon-Abomination fears our safety
Retreat from the ocean.
fight goes terribly
i fall off cliff
back to town defeated
fight collar bearers
kill 5

Abomination uses strange orb.
We fight shadow creatures
Abomination fails and we’re displaced.
Find shack
Man with scythe threatens us
Man directs us to caves
Man lies. Stuck in a dull, wooden purgatory.
We fight scythe man. he dies.
Witch die apprenty out of our control
I suplex Bambi.
Went into town
Join cult.
City attacks cult
I defeated.

Lynched in public forum
Abomination fights tentacle
Leave city
Almost consumed by earth
Back in city
Fight guards
Loot city
Chaos gods clash
Sides with Chaos Titan

6th Session
Final Session for Fall 2012

Log of the Fusion-Forged

Arrive at merchant city.
Collar holders confront us. Hates our sidequest.
Hire carriage. Fire angel has fails at sanity again.
Centaurs demands toll.
Fire angel fights with pants down.
Carriage is wrecked but get deposit back.
Go to castle. Camp of Serpents block our way.
Flee to castle. I’m captured.
Rest of party make it inside. Find staff.
In jail. Party fails in many ways to pay bail.
Most of party thrown in jail.
Released eventually.
Fire angel tempts fate with death.
Return to material plane. World in flames.
Enter random cave. Flee from ooze.
Escape from ooze and destroy mushrooms.
Meek kills goat. Goat belong to dark elf.
Elf knocks out Meek. Elf replaces goat with Meek.
We explore tunnels.
Meek now gladiator.
Rest fight giant trolls.
Meek suicides a demon.
Rest in distance of Drow city.
Meek floats down river. Meek is naked.
Party dislikes demon. Exit cave.
Search mountain topside.
Fire angel burns village. Again.
Another ruined village. Not by fire angel surprisingly.
Go to frozen lake. Chaos ensues.
Bottom of lake has ruins about demon lords.
Meek and fire angel chased by colossus.
Meeting with witch. Fire Angel lacks manhood.
Collar holders arrive and summon us.

5th Session

Log of the Fusion-Forged

Go to swamp.
Witch wants demon and crypt.
Travel to city. See Christians. We kill them.
Arrive at city. Smell of death.
Chaos ensues.
Isolate a demon. Demon counters Angel’s spells. Forced into melee.
Fire Angel fails at combat.
Knock out demon for witch.
I fall out of house near city palace.
Discover hole to crypt. Impeded by door.
Find demon book and escape city.
Fire Angel summons succubus.
Fire Angel fails at contract.
Arrive at swamp. Witch wants book.
Fire Angel fails at negotiation.
Trade book for jewellery.
Party eats zombie harpy. Sick for rest of day.
Fire Angel fails at providing nourishment for party.
Arrive at dragon summit to planeswalk.
Fire Angel tries burning fire plane.
Fire Angel fails at logic.
Enter fire plane. Fire Angel soils pants and skips around.
Fire Angel fails at sanity.
Arrive at fire fortress seeking passage.
Fire Realm assumes Fire Angel controls party.
Fire Angel fails at being slave master of party.
Fire Angel fails at everything.
Caravan attacked by demons.
Chaos ensues. Demons slain. One remains.
Fire Angel has slave demon.

4th Session

Log of the Fusion-Forged

Lost 2 spears.
Fire Angel lost in space and time retrieving the meek life-form.
Harpies attack. Dragon interrupts.
Retreat to cave. Dragon causes cave in.
Cave has mushrooms. Meek oblivious to misfortune.
Walk upon goblin and Drow skirmish.
Goblins charge us and die.
Drow possess elf traits and attack.
Drow have mage. Magic mischief ensues.
Meek now smaller.
Kill Drow allies. Mage surrenders.
Come upon minotar settlement in cave.
Minotars perform trials on us. Trails pose no challenge.
The meek one dies in trial. Finds host in executioner.
Rewarded for trials by idol. Party desire more idols.
Left in plains for troubles. Hear explosion in south.
Head to death swamp again.

3rd Session

Log of the Fusion-Forged

Get party back.
Come upon Slaver again.
Fire Angel poses as ally. Gets punched out. Loses priorities.
Squid-being move proactive. Trades for bag.
Angel almost lost in space and time retrieving fairy.
Fire Angel translates book. God of Chaos has magic item.
Go to Human town. We harvest supplies.
Squid-being’s attempt at self-amusement proved useless and is imprisoned.
Declare Squid-being as slave to avoid captivity again.
Observation: Now I possess a life-form under my command. The concept “Slave-ception” strengthens.
Trek to Library impeded by Harpies.
Party suffers near death because of Fire Angel. Party rests.
Fire Angel burns ground we stand on in boredom.
Party members conspire in Fire Angel’s demise.
Discover swamp. Undead rise.
Party suffers near death multiple times cause of Fire Angel.
Squid-being dies. Becomes jewelry.
Party unanimous in conspiring Fire Angel’s demise.
Locate Lost Library. Angels hoards everything. Destroys Library.
Angel’s antics attract army of undead.
Feeling to conspire Fire Angel’s demise strengthens.
Mysterious Mistress threatens Fire Angel with colossal undead force.
Rare sight. Fire Angel is humbled. Back to selfishness afterwards. Throws away Squid Amulet.
Squid Amulet possesses harpy. Harpy more grotesque than before. Belief cacti better host.
Retroactive observation made Tarot Mage and Death Angel left to undead in swamp.

2nd Session

Log of the Fusion-Forged

Party is captured by Slaver during night.
Bindings easy to break off.
Performed retribution upon Fire Angel.
Conscious party members make escape attempt.
Squid-being hindered progress and recaptured.
Slaver displayed impressive combat prowess.
Myself, Squid-being, and Card-mage interrogated by Dwarves.
Stories consistent how Fire Angel source of misfortune for all affected parties.
Screams from Fire Angel’s interrogation were ecstasy to all conscious beings.
Three tasked with reconnaissance in exchange for rest of party so progression of original goals could be completed.
Fire Angel made to suffer until our return.
New task brought us back to abandoned settlement.
Search of settlement uncovered hidden weapon cache.
Building was burned and hut was razed in the progress.
Packs of wolves impeded us, but malnourishment made attempts feeble. Barely worth feasting on.
Upon reaching the mountain, pack of goblins tried to stop us.
Squid-being’s attempt at camouflage proved useless.
At summit awaited a dragon.
Dragon might was too great to engage, forced into servitude to another force.
Dragon’s operations involved use of planar rifts of fire, ours, and another unknown.
Dragon desired knowledge of some kind, escorting us to a forgotten library.
A cave along the way proved less than ideal escape attempt.
In cave, dark elves ambush us in mushroom groove. Mushrooms more challenging than elves.
Previous experience made cave exploration undesirable. Left cave with information for dwarves.
Squid-being’s attempt at camouflage proved useless and almost hindered our progress for escape.
Recommend harvesting Squid heart for ineptitude.
Returned to Dwarf settlement after 8 days with information.
Retroactive observation made Fairy still in possession of Slaver.

1st Session

Log of the Fusion-Forged

Myself and 4 others are freed from imprisonment.
We go in portal for object of value. Promise of immortality upon return.
We see dwarven lifeforms. Flesh react with hostility.
We harvest flesh. One runs.
We gain 2 new fleshlings. Almost set ablaze by angel`s compulsion.
We explore cave. We find more dwarves. Many dwarves. Many hearts.
We retreat from the feast.
Non-flight propelled members fall through trap-floor. Said members survive isolation.
The MEEK life-form upholds it self-imposed title too well. Indeed too meek to live. Recommend harvesting its heart.
We find an indoor river. The river possesses a hydra. We harvest the hydra`s heart to feast upon.
We exit the cave by the river. It is cold outside.
Blood-fueled members of party create forest fire in an attempt to ward the cold.
We travel along river to village. No flesh.
We travel to next destination. Nightfall comes. Paranoia of night forces another attempt at shelter.
Overcompensation on camp preparations when ogres attack.
We harvest ogres. We rest for now.

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You and your new companions enter into a plaza in the middle of a city which holds the great interplaner gate. The city is going to war and this is not a war you can help fight as the magic that is being used can rival a lesser god. But you have been called to help the city in what way your pitiful powers can. For your help you have been given your freedom, and the reward if you succeed is immortality, a gift not taken lightly. As an added assurance you have been made to make an unbreakable promise to help this city and to help those who are working in favor of the city; this powerful magic cannot be stopped but perhaps outwitted.
You have just completed your preparations for traveling to one of the martial planes. Soon you will be free from your illithid masters.


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