Arcane Infused Tarot Deck


Major Arcana = defensive/support
Minor Arcana = offensive

Only spells for Major Arcana will be randomized based on how many spells I want to use.
(Example: odds for cure light wounds, even for cure moderate wounds. If I have more than two spells then they are numbered. 1 = light, 2 = moderate, and so on)

This is the list I have made up each card to symbolize so far as well as the spells bound to each card.

0 – Fool (wild card): Re-roll when I roll a 1 for healing OR Has a chance to pass/fail a skill check on a even/odd roll

I – Magician (manipulation: mind-affecting spells)

II – High Priestess (healing: cure spells)
1. Cure Light Wounds
2. Cure Moderate Wounds

III – Empress (power: physical trait buffs)
1. Enhance Physical Trait

IV – Emperor (discipline)
V – Hierophant (knowledge)
VI – Lovers (affinity)
VII – Chariot (bravery)
VIII – Justice (serenity)
IX – Hermit (silence/isolation)
X – Fortune (speed/destiny)
XI – Strength (perseverance)
XII – Hanged Man (sacrifice)
XIII – Death (regeneration: negative energy healing)
XIV – Temperance (balance)
XV – Devil (temptation)
XVI – Tower (ruin)
XVII – Star (inspiration)
XVIII – Moon (illusion)
XIX – Sun (energy)
XX – Judgement (rebirth)
XXI – The World (satisfaction: universal spells)

Suit of Wands (Fire)
Ace = Scorching Ray
Two = Fireball

Suit of Coins (Earth)

Suit of Cups (Water/Cold)

Suit of Swords (Air/Force)
Ace = Arcane Bolt
Two = Lightning Ray
Three = Blast


This used to be a normal Tarot Deck used to earn money through fortune telling. Now it has been infused with arcane magic in order to protect and unleash unique spells bound to the current owner. This deck has yet to be fully complete.

Arcane Infused Tarot Deck

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