Quest for power

6th Session

Final Session for Fall 2012

Log of the Fusion-Forged

Arrive at merchant city.
Collar holders confront us. Hates our sidequest.
Hire carriage. Fire angel has fails at sanity again.
Centaurs demands toll.
Fire angel fights with pants down.
Carriage is wrecked but get deposit back.
Go to castle. Camp of Serpents block our way.
Flee to castle. I’m captured.
Rest of party make it inside. Find staff.
In jail. Party fails in many ways to pay bail.
Most of party thrown in jail.
Released eventually.
Fire angel tempts fate with death.
Return to material plane. World in flames.
Enter random cave. Flee from ooze.
Escape from ooze and destroy mushrooms.
Meek kills goat. Goat belong to dark elf.
Elf knocks out Meek. Elf replaces goat with Meek.
We explore tunnels.
Meek now gladiator.
Rest fight giant trolls.
Meek suicides a demon.
Rest in distance of Drow city.
Meek floats down river. Meek is naked.
Party dislikes demon. Exit cave.
Search mountain topside.
Fire angel burns village. Again.
Another ruined village. Not by fire angel surprisingly.
Go to frozen lake. Chaos ensues.
Bottom of lake has ruins about demon lords.
Meek and fire angel chased by colossus.
Meeting with witch. Fire Angel lacks manhood.
Collar holders arrive and summon us.



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