Quest for power

5th Session

Log of the Fusion-Forged

Go to swamp.
Witch wants demon and crypt.
Travel to city. See Christians. We kill them.
Arrive at city. Smell of death.
Chaos ensues.
Isolate a demon. Demon counters Angel’s spells. Forced into melee.
Fire Angel fails at combat.
Knock out demon for witch.
I fall out of house near city palace.
Discover hole to crypt. Impeded by door.
Find demon book and escape city.
Fire Angel summons succubus.
Fire Angel fails at contract.
Arrive at swamp. Witch wants book.
Fire Angel fails at negotiation.
Trade book for jewellery.
Party eats zombie harpy. Sick for rest of day.
Fire Angel fails at providing nourishment for party.
Arrive at dragon summit to planeswalk.
Fire Angel tries burning fire plane.
Fire Angel fails at logic.
Enter fire plane. Fire Angel soils pants and skips around.
Fire Angel fails at sanity.
Arrive at fire fortress seeking passage.
Fire Realm assumes Fire Angel controls party.
Fire Angel fails at being slave master of party.
Fire Angel fails at everything.
Caravan attacked by demons.
Chaos ensues. Demons slain. One remains.
Fire Angel has slave demon.



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