Quest for power

4th Session

Log of the Fusion-Forged

Lost 2 spears.
Fire Angel lost in space and time retrieving the meek life-form.
Harpies attack. Dragon interrupts.
Retreat to cave. Dragon causes cave in.
Cave has mushrooms. Meek oblivious to misfortune.
Walk upon goblin and Drow skirmish.
Goblins charge us and die.
Drow possess elf traits and attack.
Drow have mage. Magic mischief ensues.
Meek now smaller.
Kill Drow allies. Mage surrenders.
Come upon minotar settlement in cave.
Minotars perform trials on us. Trails pose no challenge.
The meek one dies in trial. Finds host in executioner.
Rewarded for trials by idol. Party desire more idols.
Left in plains for troubles. Hear explosion in south.
Head to death swamp again.



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