Quest for power

3rd Session

Log of the Fusion-Forged

Get party back.
Come upon Slaver again.
Fire Angel poses as ally. Gets punched out. Loses priorities.
Squid-being move proactive. Trades for bag.
Angel almost lost in space and time retrieving fairy.
Fire Angel translates book. God of Chaos has magic item.
Go to Human town. We harvest supplies.
Squid-being’s attempt at self-amusement proved useless and is imprisoned.
Declare Squid-being as slave to avoid captivity again.
Observation: Now I possess a life-form under my command. The concept “Slave-ception” strengthens.
Trek to Library impeded by Harpies.
Party suffers near death because of Fire Angel. Party rests.
Fire Angel burns ground we stand on in boredom.
Party members conspire in Fire Angel’s demise.
Discover swamp. Undead rise.
Party suffers near death multiple times cause of Fire Angel.
Squid-being dies. Becomes jewelry.
Party unanimous in conspiring Fire Angel’s demise.
Locate Lost Library. Angels hoards everything. Destroys Library.
Angel’s antics attract army of undead.
Feeling to conspire Fire Angel’s demise strengthens.
Mysterious Mistress threatens Fire Angel with colossal undead force.
Rare sight. Fire Angel is humbled. Back to selfishness afterwards. Throws away Squid Amulet.
Squid Amulet possesses harpy. Harpy more grotesque than before. Belief cacti better host.
Retroactive observation made Tarot Mage and Death Angel left to undead in swamp.



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