Quest for power

2nd Session

Log of the Fusion-Forged

Party is captured by Slaver during night.
Bindings easy to break off.
Performed retribution upon Fire Angel.
Conscious party members make escape attempt.
Squid-being hindered progress and recaptured.
Slaver displayed impressive combat prowess.
Myself, Squid-being, and Card-mage interrogated by Dwarves.
Stories consistent how Fire Angel source of misfortune for all affected parties.
Screams from Fire Angel’s interrogation were ecstasy to all conscious beings.
Three tasked with reconnaissance in exchange for rest of party so progression of original goals could be completed.
Fire Angel made to suffer until our return.
New task brought us back to abandoned settlement.
Search of settlement uncovered hidden weapon cache.
Building was burned and hut was razed in the progress.
Packs of wolves impeded us, but malnourishment made attempts feeble. Barely worth feasting on.
Upon reaching the mountain, pack of goblins tried to stop us.
Squid-being’s attempt at camouflage proved useless.
At summit awaited a dragon.
Dragon might was too great to engage, forced into servitude to another force.
Dragon’s operations involved use of planar rifts of fire, ours, and another unknown.
Dragon desired knowledge of some kind, escorting us to a forgotten library.
A cave along the way proved less than ideal escape attempt.
In cave, dark elves ambush us in mushroom groove. Mushrooms more challenging than elves.
Previous experience made cave exploration undesirable. Left cave with information for dwarves.
Squid-being’s attempt at camouflage proved useless and almost hindered our progress for escape.
Recommend harvesting Squid heart for ineptitude.
Returned to Dwarf settlement after 8 days with information.
Retroactive observation made Fairy still in possession of Slaver.



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