Quest for power

1st Session

Log of the Fusion-Forged

Myself and 4 others are freed from imprisonment.
We go in portal for object of value. Promise of immortality upon return.
We see dwarven lifeforms. Flesh react with hostility.
We harvest flesh. One runs.
We gain 2 new fleshlings. Almost set ablaze by angel`s compulsion.
We explore cave. We find more dwarves. Many dwarves. Many hearts.
We retreat from the feast.
Non-flight propelled members fall through trap-floor. Said members survive isolation.
The MEEK life-form upholds it self-imposed title too well. Indeed too meek to live. Recommend harvesting its heart.
We find an indoor river. The river possesses a hydra. We harvest the hydra`s heart to feast upon.
We exit the cave by the river. It is cold outside.
Blood-fueled members of party create forest fire in an attempt to ward the cold.
We travel along river to village. No flesh.
We travel to next destination. Nightfall comes. Paranoia of night forces another attempt at shelter.
Overcompensation on camp preparations when ogres attack.
We harvest ogres. We rest for now.



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